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When You’re Ready to Go Home, We’ll Be There

We understand you need healthcare support even after a hospital discharge, and our

friendly staff is more than ready to help you lead a better life from the comfort of your

home. With an overall quality of care rating of 4.5 stars from,

A Pineywoods Home Health is a national leader in the industry and we are committed

providing “A Care Beyond Compare”. Our post-hospital care package includes:

Wound Care

A Pineywoods Home Health care meets the post-operative needs of most surgical

patients for a fraction of the cost. We will help you recover and even dress your wounds

from the comfort of your home. In 96.9% of cases, our patients’ wounds improved or

healed after an operation thanks to our exceptional wound care services, compared to

the national average of 92.3%. The result is fewer hospital readmissions and happier,

healthier surgical or rehabilitation patients.

Neurological Care

We provide the highest standard of neurological care by offering a wide range of

services centered around rehabilitative and therapeutic healthcare away from the clinic.

Our post-hospital neurological care patients benefit from round-the-clock evaluation and

intervention, personalized psychiatric treatment, and physical therapy where needed.

Medical Management

Our Post Hospital Medical Management (PHM) is a service that works together with

hospital staff to make sure you and your care recipients feel supported in making the

right choices when taking the current medicine, or when changing to other medications.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your existing medical conditions or medications

not being managed properly when you’re home.

Managing Daily Activities

Getting back to life as you know it is the goal for all patients after a hospital stay. A

Pineywoods Home Health exceeds national averages for improving function of

patient’s many daily activities.

  • 87.1% of our patients got better at walking or moving around (National average:
  • 79.6%)
  • 85.4% of our patients got better at getting in and out of bed (National average: 81.1%)
  • 92.9% of our patients got better at bathing (National average: 82.3%)

Other Services that Help You Feel Better

A Pineywoods Home Health Care offers additional post-hospital care services tailored

to individual client needs. Our staff will work with your loved ones to fit a schedule that

meets their medical needs from the comfort of your home.

We’re Here For You

A Pineywoods Home Health Care

Call Today: 1-888-729-1831

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