Diabetes, COPD, Heart Failure, Dementia, and Stroke

At A Pineywoods Home Health we specialize in assisting patients battling long-term illness including Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Heart Failure, Dementia, and Stroke.

Diabetes is in most cases a lifelong illness where your body does not use insulin properly causing blood glucose (sugar) to rise higher than normal. Treatment can include daily glucose testing, oral and injectable medication, changes in diet, and supplements.

COPD is progressive lung disease that is caused by emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory asthma, some forms of bronchiectasis, as well as other contributing diseases. The primary symptom is increasing breathlessness. Oxygen therapies, pulmonary rehabilitation, and breathing techniques with medical professionals can aid patients coping with the disease.

Heart Failure simply means the heart cannot pump enough to supply the body with the blood and oxygen it needs. The heart cannot keep up with the demand to supply nutrient rich blood to the body’s cells. This can lead to fatigue, shortness in breath, and limitations in everyday activities such as shopping for groceries, household chores, and more.

Dementia describes the decline in mental ability affecting daily activity. There are two forms of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia usually resulting after a stroke. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, however there are treatments and medication that can help with cognitive and behavioral symptoms.

A Stroke can happen at any time to anyone. It is an attack of the brain when blood flow to an area is cut off depriving cells of oxygen which then die. The most important step towards recovery for a stroke victim is to return to community living, which is a part of home health and personal attendant care. Our nurses and attendants will provide care to manage the effects of the stroke and help prevent a future stroke, as well as, assisting with physical, emotional and cognitive needs.

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