Chicken Rollos

Sandy English

A Pineywoods Home Health Care, Inc.

6 boneless skinless chicken breasts, halved
1½ cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese
6 Tbsp. Ortega diced green chilies
2 packages Ritz crackers, coarsely crushed
½ cup all purpose flour
2 eggs, beaten
½ teaspoon chili powder
¼ teaspoon ground cumin
3 Tbsp. margarine, melted

Pound each chicken breast 1o ¼ inch thickness. Top each breast with ¼ cup of the cheese. Sprinkle 1 Tbsp. of the chilies over top of cheese. Roll up chicken from short edge, secure with toothpicks. Mix Ritz crackers, chili powder and cumin together. Coat chicken with flour, dip in egg, and then roll in cracker crumb mixture. Place chicken in baking dish, drizzle with melted margarine. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until done. Remove toothpicks! Top with jar chili con queso and serve with Spanish rice and refried beans.

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